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A Letter From Casey Cunningham - February 17, 2011

Penn State Wrestling Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello to everyone again as we enjoy this awesome weather.  The Big Joe Bastardi says it could be 70 tomorrow in Philly and then we could have snow next week.  You might as well enjoy it while it last and come out for our last home match tomorrow night with a very tough Wisconsin team.  As of this morning there were 250 tickets left so there is still hope if you want to catch our lone senior in his last home match. 

We have five seniors who will be honored but Brad will be the only one wrestling tomorrow night.  Eric Caschera, Mike Lorenzo, Rob Vollrath, and Adam Lynch are the other seniors.  I could spend pages talking about these guys and what they have meant to Penn State Wrestling over their careers but there will be a time for that in the future.  Two guys I just have to say something quickly about are Brad and Adam.  They are great kids who work their butts off and have done everything asked of them over their five and in Brad’s case six year career.  Brad has his mind set on giving everything he has for the next four weeks to get what he has been working his entire career for.  We are excited for him and his opportunity.  I do not even know what to say or where to begin with Adam Lynch because he is just an unbelievable kid.  There was a nice article that came out in the paper about him today and it does not completely do justice for what this kid means to Penn State but it does give a glimpse.  Adam graduated last year and before the season started had planned on moving on with his life but I think he found a new excitement for wrestling and it showed in how he progressed throughout the year.  At the end of the year he just wondered if we would want him back and when we said are you crazy, yes we want you back, he was on board.  He knew up front the challenges ahead of him but it was bigger than just being a starter on our team.  He did not give the position away but he knew it would be tough and made that choice anyways and we are glad he did.  He is an awesome workout partner, awesome leader, and is willing to do anything he can to help this team.  Again I could go on and on but just know that Adam along with all the seniors have made us very proud and will be very successful in whatever they choose in life.


So I started with this week first this time and I will just take a few minutes to talk about last weekend.  If you would have told us last year we would be where we are at right now with five freshman, two sophomores, two juniors, and one senior I think we would have said well I hope so but that is a young team.  These guys have done a great job and are on track to accomplish what they set their minds to probably many years ago.  This team is wrestling above their age and we look for improvement even in the next 4 weeks so that is exciting. 


We had another great crowd on Friday night for what I would consider a fan friendly match.  What I mean by that is there was quite a bit of excitement for different reasons throughout the match.  It was not always the most coach friendly match but we will figure those things out.  On Sunday we had a great opportunity to beat a top five team who Penn State has never beaten or tied on their home turf.  There are a lot of what if this, what if that, but the guys battled through to walk away with a tie.  There were many positives we took from that match and there were several other not so positive things at the time that have made us a better team.  On the fan side of things, I will not get into all the details, but I can say again we have the best and most knowledgeable fans in college wrestling.  Thanks to everyone who continues to push our guys on in many different ways.  We look forward to a packed house tomorrow and look for our guys once again to fight hard win or lose.

GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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